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Is your website effective for today's online shoppers?

We get numerous calls each week from online retailers who ask us what they can do to boost their sales or ask why their sales are lagging. They tell us that they just aren't getting the sales they want and think something must be wrong. Perhaps they are just too close to the problem to "see the forest through the trees" so to speak. This is all too common. Although we are completely happy to help solve these issues and increase sales, there are many things you can do yourself that will keep sales flowing.

Just saved my ecommerce client thousands of dollars!

Think Tank Designs was contacted by a client last night about a problem with their e-commerce website's shopping cart. They described their problem as best as they could but they were not seeing any problems on their end. They had been receiving numerous phone calls from frustrated customers who couldn't quite describe the problems they were having using the shopping cart. But all simply said they could not purchase a product from our client's website.

Despite our client's best efforts to replicate the problem in an attempt to diagnose what was going on they simply could not see what everyone was complaining about. But something had to be wrong or else the complaints wouldn't be coming in. So that's when they decided to call Think Tank Designs and specify a small budget for testing and fact finding. We listened to their concerns and went to work the following morning.

How to ensure your email newsletter doesn't get caught in spam filters.

First, we must understand a few things before we move onto the details.

1) You can't control custom filters someone places on their inbox.
2) Spam filters change often and without notice. What was working last week might not work this week. Spam filters are constantly evolving to handle the latest offenses.

Even when people opt-in to receive your email newsletter, they can get caught in spam filters. But lucky for us, there are a number of things you can do to improve you chances of proper delivery.

5 tips to optimize your website.

Think you could be getting more business with your website but don't know how? You most likely need to optimize your website. Optimization doesn't have to be complex but it is an ongoing process. Simply put, try something new, evaluate the results, adjust your website accordingly. Before we start, there are a couple things you need to understand.

1. You're never done with your site. Website optimization is an ongoing process.
2. Remember: It's not about you. It's about your customers.

Think Tank Designs Takes Home 5 Addy Awards

Heath Meyette and Robin Lindblom of Think Tank Designs were awarded 5 Bronze Addy's on Friday March 9th at The Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. This was a perfect 5 for 5 as each website entered received it's own recognition.

How To Choose A Web Designer

When you go to find someone to create your website it can be very confusing. What do you look for? What questions should you ask? How do you ensure that you've found the right people to design your website? Here are a few questions that will help you find the right web designer for you.

Think Tank Designs Invited To Judge 2012 Addy Awards

Heath Meyette and Robin of Think Tank Designs have been invited to act as Judges by the Inland Empire Ad Club for the 2012 Addy Awards. It's definitely an honor to be invited back to judge again. Heath Meyette and Robin Lindblom have been Addy judges each year for five years dating back to 2007 when Robin Lindblom served as a board member for the Inland Empire Ad Club. There she functioned as Education Chair as part of Public Relations for the Ad Club from 2005-2007. Since then, she has become the primary contact for Addy related questions for students at the Art Institute Inland Empire. Each year Think Tank Designs works closely with top industry professionals to award recognition to those who displayed extraordinary creativity and skill within the advertising industry.

Think Tank Designs Chosen For Designers of the Month Award

Think Tank Designs Chosen For Designers of the Month AwardCongratulations Think Tank Designs! Think Tank Designs has been chosen as one of CreativePublic.com's "Designers of the Month".

The award acknowledges strong design skills and a great sense of creative knowledge. Woohoo!

Importance of keeping your browser up-to-date

In working with clients I have found that it is very common that they do not keep their browser software up-to-date. What is a browser you ask? A browser is the software application you use to access the internet. This is different from a search engine. You use the browser to access the search engine as well as any other website online.

What to Look for When Finding Hosting

Very seldom does a day go by that we do not get a phone call from a prospective client who asks us about website hosting. Although we have a trusted web host that we use for our clients we do not handle hosting in-house because it's not in the best interest of our client. Before you signup for hosting consider the following:

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