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What You Need To Start An Online Store

What You Need To Start An Online StoreI had a long conversation today with a prospect who wanted to start their first online store. They were very concerned about what they needed in order to get started. After detailing each item with the prospect we decided to put together this article to help others in the same position begin to build their online store.

Note that there's a lot of business planning and strategizing that goes into properly preparing to start an online store. This article assumes that you have already completed that planning and are ready to begin website development.

Do Coupon Codes Drive Online Sales?

Do Coupon Codes Drive Online Sales?In the past 6 years use of online coupons and promo codes has doubled. Since 2005, the use of online coupons has almost doubled. Online retailers are finding many benefits to offering online coupons and promo codes.

How To Add Google Author Tags To Your Blog Posts

How To Add Google Author Tags To Your Blog Posts.I recently spoke to a colleague of mine about blogging. We talked about our strategies including what we are posting, how frequently, how we leveraged the posts and whether or not we were using "author" tags. It quickly became apparent that this is something that more bloggers should be implementing. Not only does it introduce enhanced search results to the public but it also increases the likelihood of people clicking on your blog posts.

How to write effective website headlines.

How to write effective website headlines.Roughly 80% of website visitors will look at your headlines. But do they understand what you're talking about? Most websites suffer from the writer's in-depth knowledge of the topic. This can be a bad thing and usually causes you to speak over your visitor's head. Once you know something, it's difficult to imagine what it's like not to know it.

Make sure everyone can understand your headline.
For instance...

Should you allow negative reviews on your ecommerce website?

Should you allow negative reviews on your ecommerce website?We've been getting this question a lot lately. The more we heard the same question, the more we felt we should address this on our blog. The short answer is yes but first you need to understand why you should leave those negative reviews for all to see.

Why shoppers look at reviews.
Shoppers are looking for not just good remarks but a lot of the time they are looking specifically for the negatives. At this point in their search many people are already sold but they are instead now looking for reasons why not to buy a specific product. They're looking for things that have caused dissatisfaction that others have found rather than blindly making the purchase and hoping for the best.

How to start an email marketing campaign.

We have setup numerous email marketing campaigns for ecommece clients over the years and when a new prospect contacts us they usually have a list of questions about how to get started. Since we hear the same questions so often we thought we would answer them here. Whether you are new to email marketing or have an established campaign in place, this blog post should provide you with some pointers on how you can either get started with email marketing or improve your existing email campaign's effectiveness.

Think Tank Designs To Speak At Fremont College

Think Tank Designs has been invited to speak to students at Fremont College in Cerritos, CA on July 12th, 2012. Heath and Robin were both asked to come out and provide an overview of the type of work they do and discuss the many challenges and success stories they've had over their many years working in the Graphic Design and Web Design industries.

They will be there to give attendees a sense of their company, it's history and talk about the work in their portfolio. After the presentation, Think Tank Designs will open the floor for questions. Those in attendance will be from Fremont's College's design curriculum which prepares them to start their own design business.

Heath Meyette Interviewed By WebDesignersDirectory.com

Heath Meyette Interviewed By WebDesignersDirectory.comHeath Meyette of Think Tank Designs was recently interviewed for WebDesignersDirectory.com. His interview has been featured on their home page and will be there for the next couple of weeks. Take a look to learn more about his expertise in the Web Design industry. You can read the entire interview here.

Google Shopping Will Now Charge For Listings.

Google recently announced that they will begin charging for all listings in Google Shopping this fall just before the busiest retail time of the year. It's pretty simple. If you don't pay to be listed, you won't be found. That spells disaster for smaller online stores who have found business success on the popular shopping engine.

Tips to make your customers hold on to your printed catalog.

Creating a printed catalog can be costly. Especially when your audience does not find enough value in your catalog to keep it around for awhile or show it to others. Here are some tips for getting your customer to hold on to that catalog long enough to place multiple orders.

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