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Creating a positive user experience on your website.

The visitor is in charge. It's all about them, not you or even your ego. Web users view the internet as the next best thing to reality, and in some cases it's more efficient, more user-friendly, and faster. If that's the case, then why do as much as 80% of visitors leave a site within eights seconds of arriving? It's usually because these companies simply don't understand their customers' needs or preferences. And why is this? Either those companies don't care, or just aren't educated about what affects a website's conversion rates.

How to test and optimize email marketing performance.

How to test and optimize email performance.If you haven't already started an email campaign you should. If you've already started one, congratulations. Now you'll want to test it's effectiveness and optimize based on the results. Testing can help increase your return on investment and strengthen customer engagement. The fact is that most companies don't do any testing. So if you are one of the few who are, you'll have a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Before you start you will need to establish what you will be testing and how you will define success. Test those facets of your email marketing campaigns that support established business goals.

Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO Dead?I have been meaning to write a post with this title for some time now. Until last week I hadn't thought much about it. But last Thursday I attended a seminar directed towards creatives. Truly a magical day. When we all sat down to lunch we talked about what's happening in the industry and when one of them found out I was a web professional they asked "So what do you think about SEO?"

I've heard so many people in the past few years asking whether or not they need to pay someone to perform seo (seach engine optimization) on their website. In short my answer is "It's pretty much dead... in it's original form". What we once knew as traditional seo is no longer. Gone are the days of stuffing pages with repeated use of keywords, search engine submissions, etc. Sure there is still room in the "new" seo for time tested methods like proper page names, relevant keyword usage and well thought out page descriptions.

Continuously learning about ourselves and our industry.

Last Thursday my business partner (who's also my wife) and I spent the day at Peleg Top's "Designing Your Abundance" workshop. It was a very eye opening experience and a week later we are both still very alive with new ideas that it inspired. It's something special to have time to hang around other creative professionals at the top of their games. Sometimes it's just nice to identify with like-minded people with the same industry specific challenges both in businesses and personal lives.

Over the course of the day we had epiphany after epiphany. Overall, we left the experience with rejuvenated excitement for our work and a different pair of eyes through which to view the world around us. We are very much looking forward to leveraging that energy to serve our clients and create "abundance" in their lives and ours.

How to increase click-thrus and open rates.

How to increase click-thrus and open rates.We get a lot of questions from online store owners about what they can do to increase the effectiveness of their email marketing. The answer is to not become complacent while focusing on continual improvement. What worked yesterday or last year may not be working the same now. Focus on these four key areas that have been proven to increase click throughs and open rates.

1. Create content that is relevant and targeted to your audience.
This is known as customer segmentation. You can create customer groups based on past behaviors like purchases, cart abandonment or pages viewed on your site. Sending targeted messages to specific customer groups increases the likelihood that they will click through and take action.

What is Responsive Web Design?

What is Responsive Web Design?There has been much time, research and development that has gone into creating seamless user experiences across multiple devices. No longer can Web Designers afford to create sites that look great on just desktop computers. Now they have to also accommodate for tablets and smart phones. And this doesn't even account for the subtle differences between the makers of these devices. Keeping up with all this can be daunting.

How to create an effective call-to-action.

How to create an effective call-to-actionOne of the most often forgotten elements of an effective website is a strong call-to-action. Effective call-to-actions help your customers find the products for which they are searching and propels them through the checkout process. Effective call-to-actions help your customers understand what's next and where to go to accomplish their goals.

What is a call-to-action?
Call-to-actions are used pretty much everywhere in both print and digital advertising. It's that bit of text or a graphic that tells people viewing your marketing message what they will get and what to do next to get it. This is usually in the form of a request or instruction for a customer to do something, most often resulting in purchasing a product or service. Web pages without a clear call-to-action are usually considered ineffective or incomplete.

Ramp up your email campaign for the holidays.

Ramp up your email campaign for the holidays.Now's the time to get your online store in order. The holidays are just around the corner. People are busier than ever and will be looking to maximize their dwindling amounts of personal time. That means doing things like shopping online instead of wading through long lines at the mall and all the madness that goes with this special time of the year.

Don't wait for them to find you.
Make their shopping decisions easy by showing up in their email inbox instead of just hoping they'll find you online. Promote timely specials you're running on products that your audience is looking for right now. Give each special a definite end date. This creates a sense of urgency to make their purchase.

Think Tank Designs Goes Green

Eco friendly web designersIn the past year we have been working with more and more environmentally conscious companies that sell green and/or environmentally responsible goods through their online stores. So in order to verbalize the commitment we have made here at Think Tank Designs to be a responsible stewart of our environment, we have prepared this environmental profile to demonstrate our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint.

How to Properly Plan A Website

How to Properly Plan A WebsiteWhy is having a process to design a website important? Because 4 out of 5 or 84% of online adults who experience problems with online transactions share their experiences with others. This greatly amplifies the impact of a bad online experience. Some use word of mouth. Others use online tools like the company's website, email, rating and review websites, online message boards or a blog or social network. So in order to give your customers the best experience possible, you need to start your Web Design project with a period of discovery and proper planning.

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