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Think Tank Designs Chosen To Re-Design Yorba Linda Public Library Website

Think Tank Designs Chosen To Re-Design Yorba Linda Public Library Website Last month Robin and I were invited down to Orange County to meet with the folks at The Yorba Linda Public Library to discuss the redesign of their website. We spoke with them about what the updated site needs to do and how it needs to integrate with existing marketing materials currently in use by the library. We learned about how the staff would be using the site and about the content they would be presenting.

Sitting down with their marketing staff allowed us to get a better understanding of the project in it's entirety to help them plan and design a beautiful and effective new website. We left our meeting feeling like we were a very good match for the library. They not only wanted help with the website redesign but they also wanted our planning and user interface experience.

Is this the end of the tax free web?

Recently the senate voted to clear the way for a bill to be passed that will end tax free shopping online. The bill in question is being called the "Marketplace Fairness Act" and would require online retailers to collect sales tax from customers regardless of where they are located.

This new legislation would replace the 1992 Supreme Court ruling that was passed during the internet's infancy. Up until now, online retailers were only legally responsible to charge sales tax for any purchases made in a state where the retailer had a physical presence like a store or warehouse.

What is a competitor analysis?

What is a competitor analysis?A competitor analysis is a vital part of every company's marketing plan that offers a way to evaluate your competitor's strengths and weaknesses. It can help to determine what makes your products or services unique. What will provide you a competitive advantage? How to prevent against future competition? And how to exploit competitor weaknesses? The findings are then leveraged to promote and market those qualities in an attempt to find and attract your target audience.

When you know the who, what, when, where and why, it becomes fairly easy to match and/or exceed your competitor's marketing strategies.

Think Tank Designs Launches New Website and Identity

Think Tank Designs Launches New Website and IdentityIt's official. As of this Monday, April 15th, Think Tank Designs has launched their new website and identity. It's been one very long year in the works. A lot longer than we had anticipated. We hit some snags along the way that set us back but we've done it.

After over 13 years of being in business Robin and I both felt very strongly that we needed an update. The old website and identity had served us well but just did not represent who we are and what we do anymore. The rebrand allowed us the opportunity to refine our positioning in order to effectively reach out and target prospects.

What is Primary and Secondary Research?

What is Primary and Secondary Research?The labels "primary" and "secondary" may imply an order in which the two types of research occur. But this is not the case. They instead refer to who does the research. Let's examine the difference between both methods of research in more detail.

Primary Research
Primary research is any research that a company conducts on it's own for it's own use. This type of research is targeted at a very specific demographic relevant to the researchers' needs.

When do you need a brand identity expert?

It's been speculated that the average American encounters approximately 6,000 pieces of marketing in a day. It's safe to say that marketing has become deeply engrained in our society. But have you ever stopped to think about the science behind these marketing messages? Unless marketing is part of what you do for a living, like me, chances are you haven't given it much thought. But you can bet that smart companies have thought about it. They spend millions each year on professional creatives that research and create marketing campaigns that build customer recognition and generate demand for their brands. Let's talk a little about why these companies place such high emphasis on creative professionals that can shape public opinion towards their brand.

Think Tank Wins 2 Awards at 2013 ADDY Gala

Chapman Addy AwardThink Tank Designs received 2 Addy Bronze Awards this last Friday for their hard work and dedication in the fields of Web Design and Graphic Design. We entered 2 projects this year and both of them won awards. Maybe we should have entered more? Regardless, we are pleased that we continue to win awards after being in business for over 13 years now. We must be doing something right to still be thriving today.

Think Tank's first Addy was awarded in the category of Collateral Material - Brochure for graphic design work completed on behalf of The Chapman Fund. The brochure was created for Chapman University's 1861 Club. It was just one part of a larger coordinated print and email marketing campaign that has positively impacted the amount of charitable donations received by the Chapman Fund.

We're Getting Close

Think Tank's new identity should be launching in the next couple weeks. We've spent a good part of the last two weeks adding projects to our new portfolio, scrambling for final bits of text, migrating blog posts and completing final testing.

We have a new found respect for our web clients. Let's just say that we feel their pain. We put ourselves in their shoes and experienced our service from the clients point of view. It keeps you on your toes. It allows you to empathize with clients and anticipate potential problems. It's one thing to say, "Send over you content and we will add it." It's another thing entirely to have to create that content. And we do this for a living. Content creation always takes much more time than coding the site itself. Successful websites are driven by quality content. If you don't have that, you've got nothing.

The Most Important Part of Internet Marketing Today?

I saw a great article today that demonstrates the importance of conversion optimization. This is definitely the most important part of internet marketing today so I thought I'd pass it along. Enjoy. Read the article here.

How Identity Works

Vision plays an important role in all of our lives. And repeated exposure to a strong visual identity can help consumers make an association and perception about a company, their services or products and their values. Even more effective connections are made through repeated exposure to specific colors and symbols. If we take a moment to reflect on some of the most successful brands we think of companies like Apple, Nike, Target, and McDonald's.

So strong are these company's symbols that many of them are able to drop company name from their logo on advertising. Opting to rely instead on the power of their symbol for consumer brand recognition. Other companies such as UPS, have gone even farther, associating themselves with just a color. When you think of the power of "brown" you think UPS.

Designers who work with identity are adept at managing perception through a combination of color, meaning and form. These skills, along with a strong understanding of how people take in and remember information are vital for creators of brand identity. It has everything to do with perception. Perception deals with how people identify and interpret the information presented to them.

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