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Your ecommerce website is a high profile touch point. DO NOT take that lightly!

Your ecommerce website is a high profile touch point. DO NOT take that lightly!The visitor is definitely in charge. It's all about them, not your ego. Today's online shoppers view the internet as the next best thing to reality and in many cases it's more efficient, more user-friendly and faster.

So why do so many online shoppers still complain about hard-to-use ecommerce websites?
Mainly because many online retailers simply do not understand their customers, respect their needs or preferences. Either they don't care or aren't educated on how to create positive user experiences. In order to create a user-friendly ecommerce website that generates revenue you must keep site goals, shopper needs and your brand's personality central to every web design decision that you make.

Great ecommerce websites should always:

  • Be easy to use, giving shoppers actionable content that answers all the questions a visitor may have about your products.
  • Include product photography that shows your merchandise from many angles including any relevant detail shots that will help shoppers "experience" your product.
  • Communicate visually with proper emphasis placed on the appropriate page elements.
  • Have descriptive copy written specifically for the web and presented in a visually scannable format with bite sized chunks of text that won't overwhelm visitors.
  • Get online shoppers to what they're seeking in as few clicks as possible.
  • Never use Flash or other unusual technology. Nothing angers shoppers like notices to download plugins, content that can't be seen on mobile devices, etc.

Is your message clear? Is it accessible? Is the user experience positive?
If you fail to ask yourself these questions you're most likely driving online shoppers directly to your competitors' websites. With so many ways to monitor and test your ecommerce website's performance there is no longer any excuse to avoid it. If you fail to monitor and adjust your website's performance you are most likely losing market share. Do you want to make your competitors rich?

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Heath Meyette
, Web and Graphic Designer at Think Tank Designs, Creative Director at Think Tank Designs

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