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What Is and Isn't Working in eCommerce Today

What Is and Isn't Working in eCommerce Today During the dawn of ecommerce in the 1990s there wasn't much competition between online retailers. If you were one of the first few to market you generally succeeded. That may have been true then, but now there is much more competition and consumers have grown savvy about finding the best online deals.

The dream of the 1990s is not alive in ecommerce.
Unfortunately, too many startups feel that all they need is a line of products and an online store and they have a recipe for a thriving online business. But you can't just put up an ecommerce website and hope it converts. You have to work at it on a regular basis.

What are successful online retailers doing that their lesser performing counterparts are not?

What's Working

1. Unique Product Offerings
Online stores with unique, one-of-a-kind product offerings or stores operating within a specific niche are at a distinct advantage. With these companies, price comparison shopping ceases to be a concern allowing online retailers to flourish if they have strong marketing plans and healthy advertising budgets to propel them forward.

2. Conversion Optimization
This can involve elaborate analytics and tracking software or a simple monthly budget for an experienced ecommerce web designer to optimize product descriptions, images, meta data, etc. The ultimate goal with conversion optimization is to increase the percentage of people who come to your online store and make a purchase thereby increasing revenue.

3. Product Listing Advertisements (PLAs)
Product Listing Advertisements (PLAs) allow a company to set up product feeds for shopping channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, Shopzilla, etc. There is currently a relatively small amount of companies in this arena. This situation creates a competitive advantage for smaller online stores to benefit if they're willing to play.

4. Practicing Logical SEO
This means using proper "white hat" techniques (as opposed to "black hat") that make relevant use of meta data like page titles, descriptions and keywords. Google continuously changes and tweaks it's algorithms in an attempt to provide only the most relevant and helpful content to it's users. This is why leveraging content marketing in the form of blogging, social media and white papers have become so important to search engine optimization.

What's Not Working

1. Selling Products Not Unique To Your Online Store
Sites that offer these types of products generally fall victim to price comparison shopping. Since these types of products are exactly the same from one online store to the next, the only difference between you and your competitors is price. This leads to shoppers making buying decisions based on the lowest possible price, which favors large online retailers like Amazon, eBay or similar. Startups simply cannot compete on price with these large ecommerce companies and their small armies of technical staff and vast marketing budgets.

2. The "If I build it they will come" Attitude
The best performing online stores have strong business and marketing plans, funded by healthy marketing budgets that enable them to capitalize on their competitive advantages. This allows for proper branding, optimization, online marketing and website maintenance.

Notice a theme developing?
Success in the ecommerce industry today depends on many factors. While solid business planning serves as the cornerstone of all successful online stores you can't stop there. You must also be constantly innovating and evolving, trying relevant new methods of marketing to best serve online shoppers.

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Heath Meyette
, Web and Graphic Designer at Think Tank Designs, Creative Director at Think Tank Designs


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A clear point out about the things that work and that doesn't work with the e-commerce websites these days with stiff competitions.
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