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Could You Benefit From A Website Audit?

If you're like many entrepreneurs, you're always asking yourself if you could be doing more to grow your business and increase revenue. Sometimes you don't ever get around to it because you don't have the proper resources such as time, staff or technical knowledge. This is doubly so with your company's website. So you are left wondering...

  • How can I improve my website?
  • Could my conversion rates be better?
  • How do I lower cart abandonment?
  • How can I increase customer engagement?
  • Is there a way I can recapture visitors who leave my website?
  • Does my website work correctly on mobile devices?
  • Am I making the most of my resources?

Performing a Website Audit can be a very eye opening experience.
It enables you to see things that you never would have seen otherwise, allowing you to view your website from a different perspective. Website Audits help you understand how visitors use your website and what to do to increase engagement, lower cart abandonment and increase revenue. It can help you when you may feel "too close" to your website to see the obvious, allowing you to get "unstuck".

Recognize the value of an outsider's perspective on your website.
An experienced web expert can offer insights that help you make business decisions about your website that have the most return on investment. They can provide consulting on how to move forward and to help you decide in what to invest your precious time and resources.

So could you benefit from a Website Audit? Can you afford not to?

Do you need a Website Audit?
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Heath Meyette
, Web and Graphic Designer at Think Tank Designs, Creative Director at Think Tank Designs

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