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What is remarketing?

What is remarketing? Remarketing provides a way for marketers to reach out to consumers who have recently visited their website without taking a desired action. That action is most often making a purchase, filling out an online form, or other similar behavior considered to be a "conversion". Although it can be used in many scenarios, remarketing is most often employed by online retailers in an attempt to re-capture lost visitors who abandoned their shopping carts.

Let's examine this scenario.
An online shopper arrives at your online store. They browse your website and find a product (or products) that they like and then add them to their cart. But for some reason, the shopper doesn't actually complete their purchase and leaves your website thereby abandoning their cart.

Cart abandonment can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes, a shopper just get distracted before checking out and never completes their purchase. Perhaps they are comparison shopping, or maybe they saw that shipping charges were more than anticipated. Regardless, they leave your website without completing their transaction.

Remarketing is a way to encourage these same visitors to come back to your website and complete that purchase.

You've lost the sale. Or have you?
This is when remarketing steps in to save the day. Before that shopper leaves your website, their browser is passed a "cookie" which identifies and tracks that visitor on subsequent websites that they visit. This then allows you the opportunity to show them targeted advertisements relevant to the items that interested the shopper initially. Remarketing is designed to encourage that shopper who had abandoned their shopping cart to come back and complete their purchase.

The best part of remarketing is that you can choose what advertisement or message shows in which scenario. So if someone viewing the apparel category on your website then leaves without making a purchase, you can deliver ads that pertain to that specific category that includes a relevant call to action and a sampling of the items in the apparel category on your website. Or you can be as specific as remarketing a single product if you desire.

Like with any type of marketing, remarketing is only as good as your strategy.
Consistent branding, along with knowing what message to display and in what scenario, is crucial to successfully creating a connection to your online store once a visitor has left your website. With a bit of practice and time, your online store can benefit dramatically from a well segmented remarketing campaign.

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Heath Meyette
, Web and Graphic Designer at Think Tank Designs, Creative Director at Think Tank Designs


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